Has the pandemic and current situation hit you and your family hard? We have been researching ways to make money in your spare time over the last few months and have decided that the 3 ways in this article are the best.

So, what are they?

PeoplePerHour Freelance Jobs & Freelance Work

Our number one suggestion is signing up for free to the freelancing site PeoplePerHour. PeoplePerHour is an online community of freelance talent that helps companies and individuals outsource specific projects to remote workers when needed. Some examples of projects that can be found on PeoplePerHour are Website Development, Data Entry, Market Research, Logo design and Translation by no means is this an exhaustive list. From our research, when you find a project that you feel you have the expertise for, you then send the company/individual a proposal about how you as a freelancer meet their project needs. The two ways that companies/individuals can pay for your services are per hour or a fixed rate for the project. For example, £1,500 fixed rate to design a website or £10 per hour for Data Entry.

PeoplePerHour has been running since 2007 and has been features on Bloomberg, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and BBC. PeoplePerHour has connected over 1 million business to freelancers and paid over £135 million to their freelancer community.

Focus Groups UK

Our second suggestion is to sign up to Focus Groups UK. Once you have signed up for Focus Groups UK, when there are focus groups in your area or an online focus group that matches the details you added when you signed up, you will receive an email inviting you too participate. We decided to test this and within a week of signing up we received an invite to an online focus group that paid £50 for a focus group that took 90 minutes! Not a bad return on the time invested to sign up and participate in the research.

Some of the areas that the focus groups can cover are, shopping, technology, banking, trade, motor, parent feedback and education. From our research we have found that participating in Focus Groups UK’s research can pay between £10 and £300. One of the great things we have found is that they need people of all ages and from all walks of life to participate in the focus groups.

Of course, this option to make money in your spare time relies heavily on when and where the focus groups are available and whether you are available when they are scheduled. Having said this the online focus groups that they offer can be done from anywhere!

Pick my postcode

Of the three options we have researched this is the most passive of our choices and of course like the last two suggestions it is free to sign up.

So how does this work? Pick My Postcode is completely free, and they will never sell your personal data or pass on your email address unless you tell them they can do so. You will also need to be 18 to play and have a UK postcode.

In simple terms this is a free version of the Post Code Lottery where you can win daily money prizes from £10 to £1000+. By signing up with your email and postcode you are entered daily and all you need to do is check your account every day to see if you have been chosen. Like PeoplePerHour and Focus Groups UK we did not want to recommend this without trying them ourselves. The sign-up process is extremely simple, and you get an email every day around 1pm with a link on it to remind you to check your account which takes about a minute.

As an example, for Wednesday 22nd July the main prize was £1000 and there were smaller draws of £150, £50, £35, and eleven £10 bonus draws. We have been signed up now since the 24th June and have won £15!

Now we understand this amount does not set the world on fire but once again this is a very passive way of potentially winning £1000+ for FREE! Since 2011 when Pick My Postcode was founded 24,501 prizes won across the UK worth £1,243,853.


Disclaimer – *this article contains affiliate links*